single humbucker LP kit build - neck relief question


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Jul 27, 2021
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recently finished this build with a kit from

C17A3358-951D-4CB9-9D52-AF1BBBF7CBE0.jpeg 616369A0-0E53-429C-80B5-BDD1D15EEE5F.jpeg 59D51ED7-2F71-482A-8BD8-E1A2EC196C18.jpeg 2D00DD86-F8B4-4954-A980-6D2D232E8B06.jpeg

sounds great with a 498T humbucker installed.
i normally use 10-52 gauge strings tuned to drop C. this works fine on my other 24.75” scale guitars, and i like the lower string tension that results.

with this guitar no matter what i do, i can’t seem to get rid of that noisy ‘fretboard slap’ noise from the strings, when set to a nice comfortable playing string action height, that i would normally get away with easily. the sound doesn’t come through the pickups, but the slap is undesirable, and is restricting ‘full string vibration’. it gets a bit ‘choked’ when strumming a full chord too hard. yes, this can be mildly/barely resolved by tuning up half a step to drop c# or by raising the bridge slightly, but then the action is quite higher than normal. it’s annoying because i can normally achieve the desired tuning and string action with the same gauge strings, same scale, but not on this guitar.

initially i thought it was because it’s a new neck and needs time to flex, as there isn’t much neck relief / bowing going on at all, if any. no matter how much i loosen off the truss rod, it doesn’t give at all.

then i figured it was the frets, so yesterday i levelled and crowned them. this went well and allowed me to lower the action slightly (closer to normal), but the ‘slap’ is still a problem.

there still isn’t much flex / relief in the neck and i think this might be the issue.

when pressing on highest and lowest fret, there is barely any clearance over the 12th fret, this leads me to believe that neck relief is my issue.
as mentioned, loosening the truss rod isn’t helping.

how do i address this?
is it just a matter of a new neck settling in? maybe i need to tune it up higher to put more tension on it while it’s not being played?


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Feb 21, 2008
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I like that. Can I get one with a Floyd?


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Dec 27, 2017
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Do you know what the relief is right now?

Maybe a measurement of the neck angle would help the pros here understand the problem as well. There are apps you can put on your phone for it.

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