Silicon Tonebender MK II


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Feb 4, 2011
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Decided after not bonding with one I built years ago to tweak one to have the more appropriate Tonebender voltages. This is a garden variety Silicon Tonebender MK II that you can find at General Guitar Gadgets designed around the late, great Ricky Don Vance’s modified Silicon Tonebender.

I only deviated by adding a 250kA Pre-Gain pot on the input, reducing Q1b resistance to 51k, and changing the Q3c voltage divider to 470/1.3k. This boosted Q1c up to 8.1 vDC and Q3c up to around 8.0 vDC.

Here are a few clips:

Usual disclaimers apply: I am indemnified against offended ears, claims of sloppy playing, etc., etc. No actual David Gilmour licks were hurt in the production of these videos.

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