SG Std / Special neck tenon + control cavity size


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Mar 10, 2014
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I've been umming and ahhing about getting the new 2019 Gibson SG special in Pelham blue, but I figure I'd rather get something built to my exact specs and learn a thing or two along the way. Plus, given they're limited edition and likely to be at least $2,200 AUD when they land here, I think I could make something way better within budget.

I've obtained the 63 Jr. plans made by Magnussen that were released by him on this forum. They're fantastic, and I intend to toy around with them in Rhino over the uni break (my campus has Rhino, 3DS max and a few CNC machines available for free use by students), converting it for use as a special. I'll obviously use pine for a few test runs beforehand.

Naturally, the 63 Jr neck simply goes straight into the body and the joint is covered up by it's beautiful pickguard. Does the 63 special use a tenon that is similar to the standard, or even Les Pauls? Would anyone be able to tell me the dimensions of the tenon's width? I'd assume the length won't need to be modified, it'll obviously just have a shorter height, owing to the p90 cavity sitting above it.

As for the control cavity... looking at pictures online it appears that the earlier juniors and specials had the bottom two pots and the output jack in the same place. How far away should I be drilling the switch and two top knobs?

When it comes to fret size, did Gibson use the frets introduced in 59 or continue using the smaller ones found on customs and earlier Les Pauls?

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