Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !


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Jan 26, 2016
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good advice above....

selling i do ok but i will admit that i suck when buying stuff....

i'll make an offer and they counter......i usually just cave and pay it...a few extra dollars wont kill me if i really want it

then i just convince myself i just bought maybe too early .......

but never overpaid....according to Norm Harris..... :rofl:
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Feb 14, 2008
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So why are you selling?

In all seriousness though, here was my reply...

I have 3 or 4 other amps and this one never gets gigged. I hate seeing gear sitting there, not being used so it’s time to move it along., my wife wants wood floors this spring. :)


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Jul 3, 2011
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"someone taught me years back....if someone is there to hand you money, let them ask a million questions, let them call you an asshole, let them tell you your moms a whore but dont let them leave without getting their money..."

Except that such an idiot buyer can, and will, come back a week later and ring your door demanding a refund!

So once in a while weeding out the idiots in advance saves you a headache.

And its pretty tough to buy or sell a guitar or amp at a police station too as most buyer want to plug in a guitar or amp and try it out.

I am not crabby but the older I get (and I am self employed too) the more |I realize that bullshit needs to be stopped straight away! Before it becomes a massive problem down the road.

I apologize if I come across as cranky to my fellow forum members and value each and every opinion here. Perhaps "why are you selling" can be an icebreaker after all but other endless dumb questions (as answered in my ad) are a sure sign that it probably will not be a smooth sale!

I'd rather pass on that and wait for the next one and save myself a ton of grief too!

Not to detract from my OP but I own a plumbing company and am always polite with everyone, but just like in selling gear, there are some people that I simply say "not interested" and wish them a nice day.

"I could easily do this job myself in less than 20 minutes if I had the tools" or "I went to Lowes and bought everything so you are giving me a massive discount on labor too right"

I always go with my gut feeling or "Spidey Senses" as my wife says :)

Honestly though some 15 years ago when I started my own company, my wife was the polar opposite of today. She (having no previous construction or retail experience) was convinced that everyone was a potential customer no matter what.

Fast forward to a few idiots, many of which I had protested servicing and warned her too ("your company installed my new toilet, and a few days later my dishwasher stopped working, so I will be contacting my lawyer") and my wife fully understands and agrees on weeding out the fools and idiots. There will be other clients, so no need to adapt to those fools.

Same goes with my gear. Its very reasonably priced and in great shape, so I have no problem passing on one fool because a few weeks later (or sooner usually) a great buyer wraps up a smooth (and no future "ring my bell" sob story) transaction.

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Oct 13, 2010
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"How much for the children" ?


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