Scumback Holiday Sale 12/1 - 12/31

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Apr 15, 2007
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I haven't done a sale for awhile, so now seems like a good time to do one for MLP members (this is my once a year sale, by the way).

Scumback Holiday Sale, December 1st - December 31st, 2007 !!

Scumback Ceramic magnet M55 & 75 & H55, 75, 75-LHDC series 25, 30 and 65 watt speakers, $139 each plus actual shipping & paypal fees.

Scumback 10" speakers, $119 plus actual shipping & paypal fees.

Alnico Scumbacks, $219 each plus actual shipping & paypal fees.

Some speakers are in stock, I have another 40 on order as well, but most will have to be ordered and take 3-5 weeks to get in.

If you order via the website at $169 per speaker, I will calculate the sale price and shipping and send your PayPal account a refund. Those who wish to pay via USPS money order, check or cash, please email me your full address with phone #, whether it's a residential or business address, and you must be PayPal verified at that address, too.

I just received these from Glen Kuykendall (aka Geetarpicker) demonstrating the M75 Scumback speakers with his 68 Marshall Super Bass 100 watt amp. The amp was set the same for all the clips, Glen just turned the guitar down for the clean clips. Volume, treble, & mids 10. Bass 0 (it's a Superbass!) and the presence on 6 or so. Glen plugged straight in, no fx, compression added, just a tiny bit of Lexicon PCM60 "room" reverb added in the clips.

Guitars used: Original 1959 Les Paul Standard "Burst" with PAF's, Callaham Strat with Fralin pickups. Marshall straight cabs from early 71 and 69, close mic'd (email me for all of the recording details if you want to).

Burst clips:

Strat clips:

Many thanks to Glen for recording and sending me these clips to offer up to everyone to listen to. Great playing, as always, Glen!
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