Schaller, Grover, or Gotoh direct replacement for Les Paul Klusons?


Mar 14, 2015
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There's a GREAT video in a post about 2015 prices dropping of a guy smashing a g-force (or "g-farce" as a member dubbed it!) with a hammer!

I guess that's why they're cheap on e-bay.

I guess I'm ambivalent on klusons but I've had better luck with Grover & Gotoh.

I hate klusons, just a personal preference thing. I always replace with Schaller Locking Tuners. Perfect.
And if you really want a way out change, I hear there's plenty of these new toys out there called 'Gibson G-Force robotic tuners' going real cheap on e-bay at the moment...
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Dec 2, 2014
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To me "Tuning Stability" is is influenced more by bridge saddles, the nut and the actual strings than by any type of fully functioning keys. The final but not be discounted factor is the quality of the wrap on the shaft. If wrapped and tied improperly, they will slip, hence no tuning stability. I have 4 axes I base on my opinions on;

LPC with Grovers, Tulip heads, non locking
R8 with Vintage Klusons
335Dot with modern (non vintage) Klusons
SG Standard with Kluson deluxe's with screw locks on top of the shaft (Installed by PO)

I will also comment that I use pure nickel strings always 10-46.

#1 R8 with the nylon nut stays in tune better than any of them. The vintage tuners are a little more difficult to wrap, as the shaft are shorter and have less does take a little more T&A to string.

After that the rest are about the same. Maybe the LPC gets the nod as it has a thicker neck and does not move around as much. As for the tuners, yes the grovers have a tighter ratio, adjustable turning resistance, and bigger topshrooms. All of which makes them easier to work with, And they look right on the LPC since it's a bling monster! But to be honest to me the vintage models look better with Klusons, and the functional differences do not permanently justify altering a guitar to change them for the sake of changing them, and certainly not while degrading it's appearance. :cheers:

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