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Sep 15, 2007
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I had a great NGD this week with a new Fender CS. I wanted to clean up the board and I did. However after cleaning and conditioning with Dunlop 65, the grain of this really beautiful AAA rosewood was very rough. Often the pretty boards are super porous on the CS relics, and that’s not the way I like them. It was a little dry and had lots of play crust from being broken in. The former owner loved her non tenderly.

I searched the forum and found some tips and tricks about sanding, steel wool, and Scotchbright pads.

400 grid sanding cloth strips, to 1000, and finally 1500. Then finished with 2000. The 2000 grit after a lot of use and full of wood gunk shined it up quite nice like buffing compound.

I simply very sparingly rubbed in by hand some 65 so no grain was raised, then buffed it out with a microfiber cloth and my fingers. It’s kind of amazing with the more porous fretboard woods, how much removing just .005 or whatever removes pores, and smooths the grain.

It’s a nice satin, and perfectly smooth with a far less porous look. It also darkened up nicely.

Nothing like cleaning up and stinging a new guitar!

Pictures don’t give the nice grain due justice. Very nice board. It still has a porous look when the light hits it right, but not nearly what the pictures look like and now I can’t actually feel them at all which was the goal. (Well and all the finger gunk from the previous owner of gone was also a goal ).

I wish I had a good before picture, but that second to last closeup picture I have with you can see the depth of the pores and grime on the board I started with.


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