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Feb 20, 2014
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Brand new Ron Ellis Tele set -- 50/60 Bridge and Tall Neck. They came directly from Ron and are still in their original plastic wraps with original labeled box.

The 50/60 Bridge is 7.5K. The Tall Neck is 6.49K.

Yes, Ron's pickups were the Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Pick for Single Coils in 2016. Yes, Ron works by custom order only and there is at least a one year wait for a set. Yes, many of the best in the world are using Ron's pickups - from Brad Paisley to David Gilmour and beyond. Yes, the guitar forums rave them. Yes, they rarely come up for sale. And yes, they're as good as you've heard.

Here's how Ron describes the tone of these pickups --

The 50/60 T is a model I made for Brad Paisley, it has different magnets to cover a tonal range from early Blackguard to the 60's sound of Roy Nichols.

The Tall Neck is approaching a Strat neck sound, still has the Tele warmth, but a little more scooped in the mids like a Strat neck pickup.

They come with original box and bubble wrap. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you have. $550 shipped PPG.

Also on Reverb so they'll sell fast -- http://rvrb.io/2016-telecaster-pi-oyg Thanks!

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