Rickenbacker(ish) wiring help (Blend knob)


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Feb 8, 2013
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I started to build this crazy Rickenbacker 12 / Brian Jones Vox Teardrop hybrid and have a specific wiring for it in mind.

Since i never use the controls for the neck PU on my Ric 1993plus (just those of the bridge pickup or the blend knob in middle posish) i would like to leave them out entirely. So, just Vol & Tone for the bridge PU and the blend knob. Is that even possible? I'm obviously not very good with wiring/electronics so i can't figure it out looking at my 1993+ wiring. The signal seems to go (after the neck Vol) through the toggle switch, then into the blend, then to the neck Tone, then into the bridge Tone where it meets up with the bridge signal couming out of the toggle switch (???). What the hell i even get confused listing that up...

Could someone be so kind and help me out? Maybe do a quick and dirty sketch of the wiring i have in mind? Solution might be pretty easy but i don't get it.. Help would be highly appreciated!