Jul 2, 2018
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We received many messages regarding this Gibson Les Paul loaded up with Virgil Arlo P90s. Many people were curious if the pickups in they guitar are legitimate because there isn't much information other there about Virgil Arlo P-90 Pickups.

The pickups in this guitar appear to be legitimate.

It's not well known but Mr. Arlo did make P90 Pickups for select clients. P90s use two magnets each so he didn't want want to make P90s unless the customer was a repeat customer or a working professional. He wanted to be sure that his limited supply of magnets were put to good use and didn't end up in a P90 set that either ended up with a flipper/scalper or in a guitar of a casual player that didn't get much use.

This guitar sold so fast we were unable to get this post up in time but we thought we'd post anyway because it's not uncommon to see these show up for sale again. The prices for Mr. Arlo's pickups has really taken off. The price for Virgil Arlo P90 pickups sell for as much as $3,000 on the used market, so its no surprise this Custom Shop Les Gibson Les Paul loaded with Virgil Arlo Pickups sold quickly for $4500.


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