Replace pickups in my 2001 Standard


Mar 11, 2008
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Hi, a bit of advice wanted, i have a 2001 Les Paul Standard, i was perfectly happy with its sound , until that is i purchased a cheepish Epiphone 56 gold top, with the p90 pickups. After comparing the two, the epi just seems more responsive to pick attack, and a generally more lively expressive sound all round, though not as much sustain as the gibson, it does sound kinda nice. so im thinking what would the LP Standard be like with P90s?.

I play mainly stats so my rig is geared more toward single coil pups, so question, should i swap out the Standards humbuckers for some humbucker sized p90s?, i dont want to spend a fortune and was thinking of the GFS Mean 90s or the Tonerider p90s.

Should i swap out both bridge and neck pup, or just one? anybody tried the GFS mean 90s or tonerider pups in a les paul standard?

Thanks in advance.

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