Recent acquisition.. ‘13 Traditional Pro II 60s neck


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Feb 12, 2013
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Since the NGD has passed a couple of weeks ago..

Picked this up and I’m trying to whip it into shape.. it’s not done yet but by next week it’ll be finished. I have a new harness, pickups, and other odds and ends to change out. Typically the traditional pro model has a real plain looking top.. this one is the exception. There’s some pretty nice flame on it..

I have a 920D harness to replace the coil split/boost harness. The neck is still a 57 Classic but with a cover added. The bridge is a Wolfetone Marshallhead. I have a set of a Custom Shop Pearly Gates pickups in it. I swapped the rings with tall historic ones. Also swapped the knobs to a more classic choice.. it arrived with a cracked knob so I initially put gold speed knobs on it since I had them laying around.. it has gold top hats now... also replacement rear covers since the stock one has a battery box in it for the switchable boost..once the guts are swapped I’ll top it off with the new back covers. Also have a new metal jack plate since the plastic ones tend to crack as this one has.. already has locking grovers.... should turn out okay once it’s done.. gave it a make over and a new start on rocking out.. I’ll rock it a while and maybe move it a long..

These have a satin back but it looks like at some time in it’s life the back of the neck was polished smooth. One may suspect it was from a headstock repair.. not the case here. It has bumps and bruises but it’s in pretty decent shape... anyhow on to the photos. It be from start to its current state... just waiting on the pickguard to match the rings..

Figure at the very least that if I don’t keep it.. it’ll be ready for the next guy who wants a well setup fiddle..



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May 30, 2015
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Wow, that top is killer! That's a beauty for sure, congrats.

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