Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube

Fiat Lux

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Nov 16, 2012
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Jesus, nobody can even mention anxiety without a bunch of regressive scumbags coming out of the woodwork to say how medically recognized conditions are "fake news". Ugh...

Jeez, now allergies an asthma are "fake" too? There is almost no parodying the absurdity of this willful ignorance. What's next? "Death isn't real, just pull yourself back up by your bootstraps you fucking snowflakes!!!" :rolleyes:

I love when people who have no freaking clue what they're talking about try to suggest psychologists or other experts are on their side. No, they are not. Try actually doing even the slightest bit of research. There are MANY ways to deal with anxiety, of which exposure is but ONE. In no way whatsoever is it the "ONLY". The most widely recognized and effective one is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Yawn! Fake news...

Psychologists and other experts are on my side.



El Diablo Cazador De Hombres
Sep 26, 2011
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I finally got around to watching his video about this. I was expecting someting more like couldn't handle the metal groupie chicks.....or you want me to play bass? WTF are you kidding me, I play guitar, not bass!!!

JFC....snowflake, MAN UP....I know some will accuse me of being insensitive to his plight but how much longer do we have to molly coddle people who just up and say 'oh I can't do x y or z because I've got anxiety'. Part of adulting is dealing with it. This is no exception. And yes as annoyingly silly as he can be in his videos, he's a great player.