Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube


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Mar 1, 2014
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Well, mate, so I was a pro at 17, my bandmates were all minimum 3 yrs my seniors and we gigged every weekend in pubs, occational weddings, NCO army clubs and made really good money ...back in 1967. I was the singer cum rhythm guitarist, fronting the stage, got the girls.
At the time that was what you consider Professional. High school was a mere side job, poor hobby. As a student at university my main income came from busking and helping out with any band or group that had a vacancy. Again, a Professional? There's more to that, I believe.
I myself saw me as a successful amateur.
That's if you think of what you're doing as a past time. Stevie, if he is making videos as more than a past time and earning money from it, is a pro.
Are music teachers who don't write, perform or record professional musicians?

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