Re-purchased NGD


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Sep 15, 2012
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I bought a 2015 DC just as the old stock was almost exhausted, I dident play it a ton and a coworkers kid wanted to start playing.

Instead of buying a cheapo i figured id sell it to them for what i bought it for.

So i found out his kid only plays his PRS anymore so i said for the heck of it id buy it back and i did. Has 1 good sized ding and usual pick swirls but all case candy and case was there. Fret board wqs fillllllthy grimy but naptha fixed that.

I swapped the tuners for a grover set i had in a box just to avoid the auto tuners. Love the neck pup, bridge is kinda thin and tons of treble. But middle position is great. Wide neck is eh not horrible. But fun to have back! At least untill my quarterly sell off.


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Nov 29, 2011
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Congratulations, a beautiful finish on your guitar. Glad you got it back.

I have owned two of those 2015 DC’s, one in TV Yellow and another in Cherry Wine. I really liked both of them. I kind of wish that I still owned the TV Yellow one.

I still own a 2015 Les Paul Deluxe and I love it. Definitely not a fan of Robot Tuners, all removed and replaced quickly with proper tuners.

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