R9 House Guest 2011 VOS Extra Faded Cherry


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Dec 23, 2014
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My brother in law came by a few weeks ago, and we geeked out on some guitars and music. Among others I had not seen yet, he brought over this R9. As he was packing up, he notes I'm a bit of a LP nut, and that he should just leave the R9 here with me for a bit. No argument from me!!

The fit and finish of these guitars are always what set them apart from USA's and other lines. This one is no exception. The neck and frets are just perfect. The binding is clean and smooth. The sum total of all of the parts is outstanding as it should be on these reissues. The neck has a soft V to it. I've not felt that shape on reissues before. It's subtle, and I quickly got used to it, just a notable difference from others I've owned and played.

I was watching football yesterday and looked over to see the setting sun catching the guitar just right. Thought I'd snap some glam shots and share. I tried to get the colors as accurate as possible. The red is as much orange as red. It's got a nice faded touch to it (color, not the finish). The hardware has the VOS treatment, but the body seems free of the 'gunk'. It's glossy to my eyes. The non 'glam' shots are pretty accurate representations. I had to dumb down the resolution for the forum, sorry they're a bit grainy. You get the idea though.

A handsome houseguest.



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Oct 8, 2014
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Nice - the color reminds me of an old faded Gretsch (but a lot better guitar, of course!) Sounds like you could duck the Bro in law for a while to savor that nice piece LOL!

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