Quilter Tone Block 202 - A Bedroom Review


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Feb 2, 2009
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I've had the Tone Block 202 and Dock Block 12 HD for a little while now. I wanted to spend quite a bit of time with this setup before writing a review. Knock the shine off a bit first. The problem is it just keeps getting better and shinier so here goes.

I'm using this as a low volume amp. It's kept at home and rare is the instance where I can crank them up anymore. So I'd been reading about Quilter and the reviews have been great. Many people praise them as great amps for low volume play and recording. They are solid state so no need to crank up the tubes, etc. I found this setup used and though "why not?" And I'm very glad I did.

For those unfamiliar, it's a 200W solid state amp head that, in my case, slides into a 1x12 cabinet in a very clean, light, integrated package. It has Gain, Power setting, a very robust and versatile EQ, a Limiter, 3 position voice switch, Reverb, Loop, and line out/headphone integration. Lots of power and features, so how does it help the bedroom player?

That Master Volume, which is really a power setting, is incredible. The amp sounds the same at very very low volumes right up to face melting ones. And that robust EQ is a tone shaper's dream. I've managed to get very close to Blackface, Tweed, Marshall, Vox, and the rest of the gang just by twiddling about with the EQ knobs. And the Limiter is interesting. It's kind of like a compressor that lowers the amount of overdrive as well as you turn it up. It adds spongy goodness and sustain. Interesting feature. And the 3 position voice switch has a sort of normal voice, vintage voice (brighter, I live here), and a FRFR setting. So you can use it with modeling gear for even more versatility.

But on top of all of this is the fact that it sounds phenomenal. I'm getting Bloomfield, old ZZ Top, British Metal, etc etc in a very convincing manner. It took a little bit of messing around. In fact, I'd say it was a slow start. I wasn't blown away when I first got it. And I just assumed "pedal platform". But it's much more than that. Give it a try if you need something like this. I prefer it to attenuated tube amps. No question.

Anyone else using Quilter out there?


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Oct 20, 2011
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Nice, what speaker are you using in your Block Dock?


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Dec 8, 2011
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I enjoy mine very much, and congrats. I have mine going through a Vintage30/lead80 or a p10q depending on my mood.

This amp is dead quiet and for cleanish stuff I really enjoy.. I can get really nice fender tones with lots of headroom, that's what drew me to this amp (play lots of reggae).

This amp can take hot hum buckers like 490/498 and keep them cleaner than my other amps.

Still love my tubes, and they have a little bit different thing going on, but gotta get them cooking a bit first.

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