question for members who are cops


Mar 24, 2010
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.. It's like this .. if you mouth off to a cop .. they have have a few charges they can slap right on you .. disorderly conduct is the usual go to .. if you continue with the mouth running and don't obey the officer when they tell you to turn around to be cuffed or frisked .. that is resisting arrest .. if you lay a hand on the officer .. that is assaulting a police officer ..

.. if you have no ID all you need do is tell them your name and social security number and if you have a drivers license or are local they can check that ..

.. I have had police come to my house to arrest me and I invited them in and was cooperative and they said they were just serving a warrant and I said I understood .. I went with them .. my Dad followed in his car ..
.. they tell the magistrate I was very cooperative etc.
.. I was released on my own recognizance ..

.. I yes sir, no sir the shit out the police usually .. makes things go better in most cases .. got out of many an arrestable situation ..

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