Question for Intermediate Guitar Players


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Oct 13, 2010
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No idea what "level" I am..don't care.. Quit working guitar 35 years ago then started back PLAYING cause of MLP..
Backing Track of The month is my stage..just one shot takes..posted to how ever many may hear it..
All i got..don't care if it's what ever "level" someone deems..

Just play your dam guitar....

Get over to Guitar lessons Backing Track of the month.. whatever..
Like Dot..this has done more for me than anything else..
Sure beats just puns on the forum..IF you are a guitar player..let's hear you..!!!!!
We all got a voice..

Just folks who want to play learn and help.. What could be better ?
IF you play..PLAY IT ..!!!

Backing Tack of the Month

Before BTOM I could not play 20 seconds of a lead.. No pro..but now I enjoy that I am a 71 year old making my noise !
Now one shot takes...
Season to Taste
makes no difference except to me..

Come on over..
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Nov 7, 2019
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From the video that was posted the OP, I kinda meandered down the rabbit hole and discovered Steve Stine. Probably the first guy that really made sense to me in applying basic music theory to the fretboard. :applause:
I totally agree about Steve Stone, I think he is one of the best teachers on youtube. He is able to explain things in a simple way makes sense. A lot of the "teachers" on YT I think just like to kind of toot their own horn about their musical knowledge and talk above the beginner and intermediate players.

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