Question about Floyd Rose's and radiuses


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Mar 4, 2015
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So original Floyd Rose's come with a radius of 10'' according to the official Floyd Rose site. If you remove their stock shim it turns into a 12". My question is, for people who have a guitar with a fretboard radius of 14'' or more how do they adjust their Floyd's saddle radius to match? Or this not as necessary as it seems?

Freddy G

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Mar 18, 2007
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I like to have a bridge set to a larger radius than the fretboard. So when I make a 9.5" radius neck I use a 10" radius bridge. If I make a 12" radius fretboard I will use a 14" radius bridge. It's because I want the strings to diverge from the neck's a sophisticated way of looking at the action set-up where the strings get progressively higher action from the high E to the low E.

In your case with a 14" radius board, you might want to take that shim, cut it in half and shim only the e, B, A and E.

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