Q&A with Jeorge Tripps, proto pedal pics


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Apr 24, 2008
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Thought I'd share it here.
I had quite an eventful week meeting Jeorge Tripps, the man behind all the fantastic WayHuge and MXR pedals. We got to see some new upcoming pedals due to be release soon and some never seen before prototype pedals.

Interesting prototypes

current line up

Signed proto #8 of 10

Russian Pickle proto

Talking about capcitors and getting my pedals signed

I haven't been buying gears for awhile now. But I could not resist this. Perfect addition to my FuzzFaces.

Some goodies throw in. Russian pickle tee and WayHuge pick tin, doubt the tins were for sale.
Interesting story about this copper fuzz, it's more like a transitional pedal between the polished copper and the current black fuzz. The polished copper was PITA to make as there were high failure rates. It was discontinued and an alternative was needed, hence a non shinny copper face but it was decided to go black for production instead. There were only 2 made, Jeorge has one and one sitting proudly with me.
Was nice to have Bonamassa and Jeorge's signature as a bonus.

Meet the family.