PSA: TonePros Kluson TPK33 are *NOT* a direct retrofit for current Gibson/Gotohs


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Dec 26, 2009
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I posted my experiences over at The Gear Page, but I thought I'd better share them here as well . . .

When do I learn to stop tinkering and leave things well enough alone?

I've never been a big fan of the Gotoh snot green tulip button tuners--though they function well enough, I didn't like the play in the post and I hate the greenish color.

So enter the TonePros Klusons----solid and stable (plus a much better button color) on the recent LP Traditional I had. So lets put a set on my R6.

Well, yes, it can be done, but not without drilling/reaming.

First, TonePros posts are smaller diameter, so you must use their press-fit bushings so that the post doesn't lean when tuned up . . . bushings which require a slightly larger hole (23/64") than Gotoh (22/64") . . .

Second, TonePros have a collar at the base of the post which also requires a 23/64" hole so that the tuner body can sit flat against the back of the peghead. In other words, might as well drill/ream the entire way through . . .

Third, the mounting screw holes on the TonePros baseplate are smaller diameter than the stock Gotoh holes meaning that you either drill out the baseplate holes so you can reuse the Gotoh screws or just use the provided TonePros screws . . .

Fourth, the provided TonePros screws are a slightly smaller diameter than the Gotoh---though thankfully they still bit into the wood enough to hold . . . but stripping could occur easily if you aren't careful . . .

Fifth, the screw holes are just off enough in the baseplate from the Gotoh holes that the TonePros screws go in at a slight angle. Again, it still works, but just.

Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you like the play?

Despite these issues, these still are nice tuners---but NOT direct replacements. Proceed at your own risk.


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Apr 24, 2009
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Thanks; I was just looking at these over the weekend. Good to know.


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Sep 6, 2009
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Some months ago I bought a set of those for my R9 and returned them for those same reasons.
I wanted to get rid of the greenish buttons but refused to ream the holes when the existing tuners are working fine.

The set I got was advertised to be vintage correct, with the slightly shorter posts and the single-line legend on the back, but like you described, they are nothing like the vintage ones. They are die-cast and pretty much the same as the threaded-bushing type of Gibson/Schaller Deluxe. They use a push-in bushing but they do have the additional collar nonetheless.

I have found that there are other Kluson tuners in the market: These are the correct ones, available with single line, two-lines, two-rings, etc.

Still, you need to use the provided bushings, these are 6mm dia post (Gibson ones are 1/4"-6.35mm), but they seem to work very well: I just put a set on my rebuilt ES335 as the original Gibsons were failing one by one...

Ah, and they are much cheaper !


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Sep 17, 2011
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Wish I has seen this a week ago......Dammit! :shock:

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