PSA~Rare NOS Bendix 6106 5Y3 Super tubes at killer price Don't miss!


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Jun 21, 2011
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Stumbled on a great deal last night on eBay I wanted to share with my forum friends. Extremely rare NOS Bendix Red Tail 6106 5Y3 tubes at killer price. These are very rare versions of the 5Y3 rectifier tubes. The seller has a bulk of these and is selling at half the price of usual if you're even lucky enough to find another NOS example to buy. These are the best 5Y3 ever made and known for sounding great. Likely the last 5y3 you'll ever need to buy. They are ridiculously over built tubes meant to last and last. Originally built for use in ballistic missiles during Cold War. I have no affiliation with seller I just know a great deal when I see one.
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