PSA - Anyone considering a Blackburst?


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May 26, 2013
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you know IMHO, this CC for sure lays to bed the argument about the latest batch of CC's being nothing more than a standard reissue with a higher pricetag. Take a standard production reissue guitar, paint it black and wala, CC. IF they were sticking true to their guns on what they say they do for CC's, in respect to scanning the neck and matching the profile, I wonder, how can you do this if you just take an R9 from the shop, and paint it black? Perhaps they reneck it, but I would think that's way too much man power to re-do a neck from an already finished guitar. I don't get it. This one, cool story behind it, but pricetag WAY too high to start off with. Nice deal on it used, but must have not agreed with whoever bought it I suppose.

This pretty much hits the nail on the head.

I've been buying and selling R9s since 1996 and have owned Les Pauls since the 70s. This takes the cake as one of the silliest concepts ever from Gibson, and pretty much confirms that there is a contingent out there who will buy Gibson's strategy of delivering much less product at a much higher price (like most of the CC series...Gibson's brilliant marketing of guitars with mostly crappy tops--that look more "vintage"--at a significantly higher price).

If someone wants a black guitar and has any inkling of the concept of value, why wouldn't a black R7 or R8 fit the bill? They are easy to find used and almost always under $3k. To pay an extra $2K for this thing that actually has thicker paint than a regular guitar....forget it.

This guitar is proof positive that Gibson has truly jumped the shark.


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Sep 30, 2010
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. . . one of the silliest concepts ever from Gibson . . . proof positive that Gibson has truly jumped the shark.


One morning I went to Bojangles Chicken 'n Biscuits and ordered an egg-and-cheese biscuit. Well, friends, that was the best egg-and-cheese biscuit ever. It was about three inches high! The eggs were hot and fluffy, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the biscuit itself was golden brown and a little crispy on the outside and super-soft and flaky on the inside. It gave off steam and a sumptuous aroma as I opened the wrapper.

So the next time I wanted a biscuit breakfast, you know what I did. I was thinking of that egg-and-cheese, so I went back to Bojangles and ordered me another one. Well, friends, here's where the story gets sad, 'cause you know that ol' biscuit was about the sorriest egg-and-cheese I'd ever had. Small, shrunken, and dry, that biscuit had obviously been sittin' under a heat lamp for forty-five minutes. Or more.

From a humble breakfast sandwich, I learned a valuable life lesson: you can't duplicate serendipity.

So I gotta agree with y'all: the original Black Burst and its perfect reflection of changing tastes is just sublime. But this re-issue is sad and pathetic.

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