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Sep 8, 2016
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Announcing a new collaborative Album: Elements. Lyrics and voice by Uma Mehta, guitar and sound environments by Andrew Thomas Kuster.

Since ancient times, in the philosophical traditions of both the East and West, people have named the four classical elements—Earth, Water, Fire, and Air—along with the fifth element—Spirit—as the fundamental substances of our experience of the world. Advanced scientific knowledge has not surmounted their common-sense practicality: the classical elements—whether metaphorically or in actuality—still tangibly describe how people think, feel, and understand reality in the fields of philosophy, psychology, art, poetry, spirituality, and physicality.

To those of us who see the world through them, these elements are the basic building blocks of life, the world’s voice and soul. They are important and mysterious living energies and they deserve to be heeded and honored.

This album is a spontaneous, joyful meditation on the elements assembled from pure inspiration, a soulful blending of Uma’s powerful, intuitive lyrics and enchanting, healing voice and Andy’s prismatic and enveloping musical environments and beats. This album creates an emotional experience that reflects an affirmative relationship between us and the world.

Just in time for summer: we hope you’ll enjoy Elements, groovy and deep, an album to get lifted to.


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