Pre-wired Gibson Flying V Pickguard with Seymour Duncan SP90s


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Feb 14, 2008
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About a dozen years ago, when I was in my P90 phase (who am I kidding, I still am), I decided to make my Flying V 200% more awesome. I present to you, the Gibson V90...



As I got older and less cool, I did something stupid and sold the V. The new owner, being even less cool than me, didn't want the P90 setup. After having it sitting around for the last decade or so, thinking I might get another V, I've decided it's time to pass it along.

I'll make it clear right off the bat, I tested it today by plugging it in and holding the pickups over another guitar. It worked but there were 2 things I noticed. First, both volume controls seemed to work on the bridge pickup and second, the neck pickup cut out a couple times. It may have been a wire grounding out as I was trying to maneuver everything around, or it may have been the questionable solder skills of younger (but cooler) me.

Because of this, I'm selling it as a collection of the parts and pricing it accordingly. Assuming you might need to resolder the components.

Here's what you get;
• Custom made 3-ply pickguard from Terrapin Guitars
• A Seymour Duncan SP90-3B in the bridge and an SP90-2N in the neck
• 3 CTS 300K Audio taper EF-4880 pots
• Switchcraft 90 degree 3-way pickup selector switch
• Switchcraft input jack
• Whatever that big orange capacitor is

The beauty of this setup is that to switch back and forth, you just loosen the strings, remove the guard, and the only connection is the ground wire. If you use a quick-connect, you could swap it out between sets at a gig.





For some reason, 2 of the pots have ribbed shafts and one is smooth. This might make a difference when you decide which knobs to get.

There's also a tiny crack at the very bottom tip by the input jack. A tiny drop of Krazy Glue should take care of that.


For price, let's say 60 bucks each for the pickups, 30 for the pickguard, everything else is free.
$150 plus shipping

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