Posting Pictures Online May Show Where You Live


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Nov 11, 2013
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You know can turn off the location tagging on your phone and it will not log the location. Or if you are really paranoid, turn your phone onto airport mode before taking the photo and upload it at a later time from a neutral location so sites like FB won't log the post location.

If people want to find you, they can. If people really want to take your stuff, they will. This is a world of all different types of assholes.


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Jan 22, 2010
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come on by!


she's nice. really. :D


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Jun 4, 2010
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*statement not directed at oldbenkenobi....just a general view*

true but because there are leaps and bounds in software and technology every day . the average joe is complacent, and therefore becomes a target to those that would hunt him.....I'm very techno, savy but have a different life that doesn't check the status of new developers daily.

Should I arm myself with every little scrape of code that can harm or track me?

I guess I'm just tired of the constant scamming....

I looked into this and I see where he put the blame, on the cell phone companies for tracking, its true your phone knows where you are if you have it with you. You can turn off the "Feature" (nice of them to tell us it was even a potential problem)

And if you want to fall in line with all the other sheep and wear a little ear tag so they know where your at all the time then fine....

Here is something fro you mr internet....

My phone is Never on me....I might go to the store and buy something without it....I may even NOT take it with me to that special place I don't want you to know about....I may even ....turn it off while I travel ......OMG what now....

Oh offer a discount with insurance companies for a car about NO....but now I gotta pay more and not be like the rest of the sheep who get a discount.....

People keep allowing this BS to continue and we will be the Borg....the collective and we will like it....

wake up

It's not really about keeping up with technology. Just be aware that everyone is trying to know everything about you and assume the worst in everything. Paranoia is a good thing because in this digital age you're usually right. Common sense now (sadly) says that if you take a photo there is going to be a lot of personal data attached to that photo. Same goes for pretty much everything else on your phone and computer. It's up to you to find the line drawn between convenience and your comfort.

Personally, I'm not comfortable with much. Camera? I've never owned one and I haven't posed for a photograph since I was 17 (aside from passports, IDs, etc). Smart phone? Never owned one. I use a burner phone to send and recieve calls when I'm out and about. I don't keep personal information on my main computer, no phone numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information. My real name has only ever appeared in emails people have sent me. The only personal information I put out there is posted publicly on forums and a few social networks made under fake names with fake email addresses - not 100% secure but a good first line of defense. As for cloud computing, forget about it. Sensitive photos, videos and documents are kept on a very cheap barebones PC that does not get connected to the internet.

I make concessions but not many. It's working pretty well so far.


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Sep 17, 2011
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Thats pretty close to what I do...

I have been a little slacking lately, and this whole photo thing got me in a tizzy....

I realized what a farce it all is while working at a government agency, they restricted the use of using the computers for personal stuff...(no kidding your at work!!) but you know jokers who think playing Doom is working...

But then one day they released a memo ...."we would like you to start using more social media while you are on your less busy time" ..... :wow:

That was a huge Red Flag....

This is no joke...they really did this....and people ate it up....everybody was on facebook every chance they had....

I started to warn people of my Dark Paranoid delusions of big brother watching....until people started getting written up for taking sick time and posting stuff while they in their pools and whatever while being "sick"

So if you google my name....(which I wont do to people) you will find my 2011 R9 .....or my house....I want everything scrubbed Im sick of this crap

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