Post Your Stratocasters! Here's Mine...


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Jun 2, 2014
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Here is my "Duo de Strat".

Duo de Strats.JPG

1987 Fender Stratocaster ST-54 MIJ
ST 54 head.JPG

  • One piece Swamp Ash 2 tone sunburst body (beautifuly figured)
  • Flamed maple neck soft V

  • Di Marzio Area 67 Neck
  • Stock MIJ pup Middle
  • Seymour Duncan Little '59 Bridge
  • Super Vee BladeRunner tremolo
In the process of being rewired...

Although not a real Stratocaster, the second is a:
1999 BLADE Texas Standard TE-2
Swiss brand from an american luthier (Gary Levinson) MIJ
TE 2 head.JPG

  • 2 centered pieces of northen american alder 3 tone sunburst body
  • Hard rock maple neck, rosewood fingerboard
  • Di Marzio HS4 Neck
  • Di Marzio HS2 Middle
  • Di Marzio HS3 Bridge
  • Active VSC control (the little switch) which is a mid boost (up) and treble boost (down)
When I take her after not playing her for a while, I always marvel how good she sound and play.
So good I am in the process of buying a Blade Delta (basically a Telecaster)
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Jan 26, 2016
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i have to admit strats are a ton of fun, tons of parts around at reasonable prices, i have to limit myself to 3 otherwise i would own 10 or 20 .....bad pic but these are the only ones i allow myself to have ....all early 90's CN silver fender logo squire series made in the cort factory....think they were about $150-$175 each !!!! fun to play all sound great ...if you see one buy it, if you dont like it, pm me i will buy it!


ok this is an edit a liar i bought this about two weeks now there are 4..another MIK with silver Fender logo...for some reason this thing sounds great and i am afraid to change anything on it...just play it is my new motto for 2020...will get better pics later

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Sep 8, 2012
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I have only had 2 real fenders ever.. one was a floyded strat MIJ which i since sold. The other is a Clapton blackie strat which i still have. The Clapton strat has had a 11 hole pearloid pickguard added at some point by a previous owner. So there is a small block glued in the cavity to hold the screw for an 11 hole guard. I quite like the look so have no interest in finding a single ply 9 hole guard to return it to original. Love the electronics on a clapton strat... the treble boost and db boost are handy and work a treat



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Sep 8, 2016
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MIM 2006 60th anniversary, ECP six shooter singles, 3way switch (n, n+b b), n+b vol, mid vol, master tone, signed by Bill Bruford:

MIM 2006, originally an SSH, I routed the neck to make it HH, a SD Jazz in the neck and a Bareknuckle Nailbomb bridge, added OOP and coil cut switches for the bridge, and modded the brigde itself with Telecaster saddles:
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Sep 24, 2012
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I have battled back and forth with Strats for years. I want to love them. Many of my favorite players have made AMAZING music with them. However, no matter the specs, I just can't bond with a Fender Stratocaster. Fender Telecaster? All day long....

Here is my "strat" and the only one I have ever been totally comfortable with.

A 1990 Paul Reed Smith EG3!! This has an alder body, a one-piece brass trem (the Original Millcom), and a wide-thin neck with a 10" radius. This is an early version that came with standard Schaller tuners, not the PRS wing-nut locking tuners.

It originally had 3 Custom wound Duncans, but when I got it was loaded with cheap-o Squier-style singles. I replaced them with the Duncan Jimi Hendrix set. The original wiring was odd, though surprisingly useful - a volume and 2 master tone controls!! I changed that out to a Tone Man Guitar "64 Blues" wiring harness. This gave me a much more useful vol, tone on the neck/middle, and tone on the bridge - like the Eric Johnson strat, or the John Mayer Silver Sky.

This guitar sings and quacks like I always heard strats, but was never able to get from another strat.



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Apr 28, 2014
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Only one I've got and the only one I need. Owned it from new sinec 1982, one of the first Japanese Squier Strats, essentially a '57 reissue. I'm so used to the 7.25" radius and low/thin vintage frets that other Strats just feel odd to me, even the more expensive models. Had it refretted a couple of years ago and had it refinished in Nitro.

Mini Stack & Strat.jpg

Strat finished.jpg

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