Post your road worn / naturally aged Les Pauls.. NFAOA


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Mar 12, 2014
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I've had this one since 86, got it about 6 months old in perfect condition just needing a setup.
It's been my number 1 since the day I got it . 40+ guitars at present, this is still my "comfort" guitar, I always seem to play best with this in my hands.
It has been there and done that. It has been bumped, kicked, knocked off it's stand, had beer and liquor spilled on it, cigarette fell and got stuck by the knob, burnt out before I saw it.
My daughters mother threw it across the room into my stereo, hence the chunk out of the back and the Schaller tuners. Been played in the rain, beating sun, all kinds of weather over the years. Had some parts changed over the years, the pickguard was changed before I got it, but the pickups , tuners, a new bridge, straplocks etc. was me. Just repairs or "upgades ?" as times and tastes changed.
It's known simply as the Les Paul, I have 4 other Gibson LPs they all get called something more, the brown Paul, the worn cherry, the custom etc.
Not much of a Les Paul to many, just a Studio, but it's my favorite.
DSCN2035 (2).JPG

DSCN2040 (2).JPG

You can still see a bit of the original White around the wear spots.
DSCN2033 (2).JPG

Plenty of checking for those that like it , luckily for me, I do.
It's clean, those spots are slight depressions from bumps etc that have "yellowed" differently.
DSCN2036 (2).JPG

DSCN2037 (2).JPG
DSCN2038 (2).JPG
DSCN2039 (2).JPG

Anyways still solid, still plays great, still sounds great.


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Feb 25, 2010
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:hmm: All these pictures of “naturally aged” guitars show me that Tom Murphy’s work is not even close to how aging is supposed to look like :dunno:

I've never seen a Les Paul that was aged by Gibson that looks authentic. Some of them are really nice guitars dont get me wrong, but the aging never impressed me.
Fender is all over the place with some looking spot on and some looking like childs work.

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