Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

Midnight Blues

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Feb 21, 2011
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I missed this thread the first time around when I got this guitar so here's a shot of my '84 LP Custom.

Back story: I was born in December 1984 and therefore I always wanted a 1984 Gibson Les Paul. Also, my favorite color happens to be green, more on that in a moment. Well, last year I found this one, an all-original 1984 LP Custom. According to the serial number, it was made in December 1984, AND it came in an old 70's-era Gibson case that just happens to have a green interior. So cool! Obviously I had to have it and thus I got my first LP Custom which is now my favorite guitar of the 12 I currently own.

Now I want a white LP Custom to go with it...

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She's BEAUTIFUL Saiko and what a cool story!!!! I would think it's not often that you can find the guitar you want that was built the same month/year you were born and then throw in the case with your favorite color? What are the odds of that?!!!!

Thanks for the post and :cheers2:


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Dec 20, 2010
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What is a good price point these days for a black Custom? Not picky about year or fingerboard material. Just clean condition.

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