Post and tell us about your favorite historic(s)


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Dec 15, 2009
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I have a few favorites. My 2018 R9 Brazilian and 2021 R9 Murphy have been getting a lot of playing time lately. While tone is probably the most important factor, All of my historics sound amazing although they do have their unique voice which is why I find feel and aesthetics also essential. It‘s much easier to bond with a guitar that you love to look at and has a great feeling neck.

What’s interesting to me is my tonal favorites sometimes change. Anyone else experience this. It could be amp related as some guitars just seem to work synergistically with certain amps.
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Aug 29, 2016
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I own 4 Historics.....

CC#28 (R8) 2014


2012 R9

2004 R7

And this is my all time favorite....2014 plaintop R8..... it has the magic tone that i smile everytime i play it.... it blends well with other guitars on a track... I often describe it as a choir of angels. A perfect blend of clear sparkle with a clean bottom end,... unlike my forum name there is no mud. It has enough figuring and a freckle or two to make the top interesting.

Like all my guitars because they are all outstanding players with significant tone. I love them all.


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Mar 18, 2019
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I’ve got a Murphy Lab Prototype (one of the first that Tom Murphy did) and it’s simply sublime

Had a number of people AB it with actual vintage bursts….something is really special about this one as it was virtually indistinguishable with the 3 other 59 bursts in comparison.


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May 30, 2015
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I go back and forth. The '99 40th Ani R9 gets played the most nowadays. Incredible guitar, but also the newest addition to the pack so there might be some bias. I do love it, though. Big, powerful sound and out-of-this-world feel and playability.


My true #1 is an '18 R9 with all vintage parts. Not as muscular sounding as the one above, more sweet and soulful. A great compliment.


monty john

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Feb 11, 2010
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13 R9 previously owned by Derek St. Holmes...mismatrched top upgraded everything so he is a bastard child....however the neck shape and playability and i have had..really faded a lot was a cherry..


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Jul 17, 2008
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I currently only own one, my 2021 R9. I’ve had an R8 and an R7 in the past. This is definitely my favorite of the ones I have owned. Woody, fat midrange honk, perfect amount of bite. Tons of sustain and very sweet sounding. I put Wizz Premium PAF Clones in it.

I wouldn’t mind having another Historic in the future which would be the opposite of what I have. Maybe one that’s open/bright…Tele on steroids type. We will see. Right now I’m really enjoying that trademark fat LP honk I have with my current R9:



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Dec 20, 2019
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It’s funny you posted this, as I just busted out my bad boy to show my daughter’s physical therapist after her PT session was done.

85’ pre-historic all original with Shaws in pristine condition.


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May 26, 2015
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I currently own 2 RIs. A 2018 R8 in Royal Teaburst and a 2021 R9 in Iced The Burst (Tea is my fav LP color). I’ve upgraded the pickups in both of them. The R8 has Jared-era Brandonwound 59 Clones and the R9 has double white/cream Cream T Scan 3s (which are their Whisker Buckers w/o all the Billy Gibbons packaging and paraphernalia). It’s clear that both winds (ie, the BWs and the CTs) were aiming for the same PAF tonal spectrum as the two sets of pickups are very similar tonally (I’ve had the Scan 3s in the R8 for a direct apples-to-apples comparison and can confirm...very similar). If I had to chose, I’d give a slight edge to the R9 in terms of tone. It’s super lightweight (8.17lbs w/ the uncovered pups) and its great sustain really make the most of those Cream T humbuckers. It has brilliant tone to my ears. The R8 is right on its heels though... and is only in 2nd place by a hair... but 2nd place is 2nd place! Ha!

Though they have very similar tonal qualities (the guitars themselves are also similar tonally aside from their respective pickups), they each have a *very* distinct feel that separates them more so than their tone. The neck on the R8 is naturally chunkier feeling (which I prefer), but in terms of actual measurements with a digital caliper, they are super close (w/in a couple thousandths of inches of each other), but the R8 has much more shoulder making it feel significantly fatter (I’m a good way—I like fat necks). In terms of playability, the R9’s frets make it an easier guitar to play. The historic tall/narrow frets of the R8 can be a bit cumbersome (especially after playing the R9 for a while). After I play the R8 for a bit (exclusively) I do adjust and playing it gets easier and easier, but there’s no doubt my fingers prefer the R9. So, In terms of overall tone, feel, and playability the R9 wins (even if I like the R8’s neck better). Not by a huge amount, but win it does.

In terms of color, each represents a different end of the “Tea” color spectrum. The R8 is Royal Teaburst and in terms of color, the 2018 version of said shade is significantly lighter than what they are calling RTB these days. Plus, over the last 4 years it has faded some also, so it’s even lighter. It has a very realistic vintage vibe to it, IMO. The R9 is Iced Tea Burst and more the classic color one associates with an IT LP. It’s darker and has a more distinct rim around the butt end than the other (and could pass as either dark cherry or tobacco depending on the light and/or camera angle—which is one of the things I love about IT... it’s very visually versatile ;)). Honestly, can’t pick a winner in regards to their color. Love them both equally. Some days the lighter, more vintage looking RTB just grabs me, some days the darker more distinct IT trips my trigger. Color is a wash!

Their tops are also very distinct with each representing a very different appearance. The R8 is super eclectic! It has oddball flowing grain designs and mineral flecks galore and just enough peekaboo flame (I absolutely love peekaboo flame that changes depending on angle) on its flitch-matched top to make it *never* boring to look at. I tend to gravitate towards eclectic peekaboo tops anyway, so this one is just killer in my book. There are lots of great tops out there (including some very eclectic ones), but I can honestly say I’ve yet to see a top I’d trade my R8’s for. It just nails it visually for what my eye wants in an LP top! The R9 is much more of a traditional flame top. Bookmatched with incredible, even over the top, flame... from certain angles. IOW, it too is very peekaboo in regards to its flame. From some angles it will look like a AA top at best, from others like a AAAAA. Again, never boring. Many probably would prefer my R9’s top, but my heart lies with the oddball, so despite how awesome the R9 looks, the R8 edges it out in terms of top aesthetic!

In the end, picking one over the other is hard, but tone and playability win out in the end, so the R9 wins… just barely. :cool:


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Apr 15, 2022
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I have a 21 R9 and 22 68RI custom. The R9 has burstbucker 1 and 2 and while they arent bad, the 16 R8 with custombuckers and the 68RI have the edge tonally for me. I am looking into new pickups for the R9. Im very fortunate to have come into the pair - only purchased in March and June!


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Jul 3, 2008
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Here‘s a few of mine. Been a Steinberger Freak for a good share of my gigging career (55 years)! Still think a Berger is the best guitar on the planet! However, recently I started playing Les Pauls and I’m hooked. Just dig the shit out of these guitars! Ever one has a unique sound and personality. I just love them!

Due to forum rules, have a few I can’t show!

Sorry for the cheesy pics! These guitars look waaaaaay better than these pics…

“56” Reissue


“57” Reissue


“57” BB Reissue


“57” M2M Reissue


“57” Jr Reissue, will have this soon. Long interesting story! Will be looking for a new home…


“58” Reissue CME Spec


“59” Reissue


2013 “59’ Reissue Historic Makeovers Brazilian


1998 RS GuitarWorks “59” This guitar use to be a “57” Reissue Gold Top


“60” Reissue


What can I say, nothing like a Les Paul!
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Mar 18, 2011
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I think you all mean "historic reissues".

Here are a FEW of my favorite Vintage Historic's:

1961 1st year Les Paul Custom "SG" w/ OHSC
1961 Fender Tremolux and my Dad's 1962 Guild M65 Jazz
1955 and 1956 Gibson's - ES226, the '55 Blonde is V-Rare only 125 made.
1963 Fender Jaguar near mint, NOT a reissue.
1964 Fender Electric XII, loved by Jimmy Page, Stairway was actually recorded with one of these, NOT the Gibson 6/12 EBS-1275
1968 Gibson ES-175 Blonde - V Rare.
1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Tobacco Burst. Townsend preferred these to LP Std's
1973 Gibson "Tobacco Burst" Les Paul Special, last made at Kalamazoo.
1981 Gibson EBS-1275 Double Neck, love playing it, but too heavy!
1977 Rickenbacker 360-12 Stereo Fireglow, best sounding Ricky ever!
1980 LP "Black Beauty" and my Fav Fav 1958-1/2 Les Paul Jr DC that belonged to the midwest Gibson Sales Rep. I bought it from his widow in 1964 for $65 at the music store I taught guitar and drums at during HS.
61_Les_Paul_Custom_case_sml horiz.jpg 63 Tremolux - Guild M-65 ikon.jpg
1955 -56 Twins ES-225N SB.jpg 1963 Fender Jaguar sml.jpg 1964 Fender Electric XII 12 String 3-color SB color correct 1.jpg 1968 Gibson ES-175DN rare nat.jpg Gibson 1973 Les Paul Deluxel Brown Burst 2-MiniHB.jpg 1973 Les Paul Special.jpg Gibson EBS-1275 Double-neck 6-12 1985 lighter.jpg Rickenbacker 360-12 Stereo Fireglow 1977   mint OHSC.jpg 82 Les Paul Std Black 58 Les Paul Jr sales demo.jpg


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Feb 23, 2009
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Favorite right now?

They change all the time.

Right now P90s ‘14 CR6

Clean HBs’17 Braz CR7 M2M

For OD my Braz 1off NAMM Show Hamer


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