Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.


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Apr 19, 2010
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Thanks for the the update on this Paul. I haven't seen this thread for 18 months or so, so I've missed the sudden recent activity. It went dead for quite a while so it's great to get an update. I'll keep an eye out for the the book.

Paul, have you considered getting it restored back to Bolan specs? That would be really interesting. Any idea what happened to some of the other parts such as the double black bridge p/up?

HI guys,

Sorry for the late reply it's been a bit hectic. No trouble at all you can buy Steve's book here if you like it's a great read very interesting. https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/famous-frets/steve-clarke/paperback/9781912782222.html

I'm sure Steve won't mind me saying but he did some repair work on the Francis Rossi Tele before it went up for auction a few weeks back. It wouldn't surprise me if they make a copy of that one.

I have considered getting the Bolan restored but it's finding someone local to me who I can trust to do yer work. Steve has offered to repair it for me but I'd have to take it to him which is quite a distance for me. Especially with work etc.

No idea what happened to the other parts, when I got it in 94"/95" there was and still isl a double white in the bridge which isn't an original PAF and a zebra in the neck which is completely original. I put the covers on because I'm ashamed to say I wanted it to look like Greeny lol.

Hope that helps



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Jun 17, 2008
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For restoration, there are only two guys in the UK who I would take this to, but it won't be cheap. PM me if you want to get the lowdown Paul.

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