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Mar 19, 2010
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Folks, we're getting a lot of political posts and threads that start out about one thing or another, and predictably turn political.

The forum rules are quite clear on this. No more politics, either serious or satirical in nature. Our position on this matter has been made quite clear, and recently so. Still, a few persist. Closing threads is but one method of dealing with this issue, and we sincerely hope that the membership heeds our request on this issue, so we won't need to take further measures to ensure our forum remains free of politics.

To those denizens of the Backstage:

An important world event isn't necessarily "politics", as described as a no-no for forum discussion. However, turning such event into a political argument is just as much against the rules.

So is arguing if something is to be deemed "political". We are not going to tolerate such derailment or back-and-forth argument over politics, in any form.

Politics and political posting on this forum ( which is against the rules ) is defined as US party politics and commentary, pro or con, effigies or satire pictures, memes, "goof" pictures etc of politicians of any particular party or ideology, such as liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, left wing, right wing, Presidential politics, campaign politics or those running for the office of POTUS or their campaign staff, political pundit discussion, etc. .

The objective of this is to keep the butthurt out of the forum, along with the hostility between sides of the politically passionate. It simply doesn't belong here.

I think most of you are bright enough to get the drift.


We've been getting messages about clarifying what's political, and what's not. I'm going to address that the best that I can.

All that is written above still applies, and there's a few more considerations:

Posts about government, governmental policies, congress, bills, and other "hot topics", while not immediately identifiable as "party" politics, can still be considered a problem when tempers flare. For this reason, if any of the moderating staff feels that such threads are getting out-of-hand or headed in an uncomfortable direction, they may be dumped without explanation. It is simply too much work to "referee" or otherwise babysit such threads. If we get asked why, then we will simply refer the inquires to this sticky, in hopes that it will serve as a satisfactory explanation.

In addition, discussing the political leanings of news agencies and outlet such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc, "Fox is bad", "CNN is bad", or otherwise using such discussion to associate their politics with yours or your supposed "opponent" will be recognized as political discussion and treated accordingly. You cannot use such news agencies to "beat up" on people for watching them or to promote your own agenda. It will be viewed as both trolling and political posting.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

-MLP moderating staff
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