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Oct 17, 2006
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The Member Classifieds forum is FREE to MLP members who want to sell their personal items only. If you have mass quantity of stuff to sell and/or are running a music-related business, you should NOT post ads in here. Doing so is considered spam and may result in a possible ban. Vendors/Dealers need to purchase a subscription here:

Some tips for members who want to buy/sell stuff in the Member Classifieds:

- Please put a price on the gear you're selling. Classified threads without a price tag will end up being pulled.

- Absolutely no guitars bearing the Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul® body shapes or Dove Wing peg heads that are NOT manufactured by Gibson or Epiphone, are to be listed for sale. In other words, if the guitar is NOT a genuine Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul, then you cannot sell it or post images of it here.

- Keep all FS/FT Threads brief, accurate and easy to read. Thread Titles should be something like this "FS: 2012 Gibson Les Paul R9", "WTB: Marshall Jubilee 2555 Amp", etc.

- Like anywhere else on the web, be careful who you deal with on MLP. We recommend that you check the seller's posts and iTrader rating to determine the member's trustworthiness in the forum. For more information on the iTrader system, see this thread:

- If there should be a problem with a transaction, please PM me or any of the mods and we will try to help, but understand that we take no responsibility for any deals gone bad.

- If your item was sold, let us know by posting in your thread. You can also ask a mod to close or remove your thread.

- If you have an eBay, Craigslist or Reverb listing, please post in the eBay Deals forum.

- Ask legit questions if you're interested in an item. Do not post negative comments if, say, you don't like a seller's pricing on an item.

- If selling and shipping guitars is your thing, we recommend that you read member Escher's thread:
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