Piezo with push/pull and master tone


Oct 29, 2012
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I'm working on an LP project. I am installing a piezo Nashville-style bridge and I am needing some help getting it wired up. I'm wanting to use a standard 2 volume/1 pot set-up for the neck and bridge humbuckers, and then have the 4th pot be the preamp volume for the piezo. I'd also like to use a push/pull on one of the magnetic volumes that switches that activates the piezo and kills the magnetics. Does anyone know where I might be able find a diagram for this kind of set-up, or something close to it?

Also, is it possible for the tone pot to be set-up as a master tone that controls the magnetics when they're on and the piezo when it's on?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks for looking!

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