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May 29, 2015
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I'm giving up two Marshall amps (DSL15H, Mini Jubilee combo) for a Vintera '50s Telecaster. The DSL is gone and once the Tele is transferred here, bye bye MJ.

The Vintera is a '50s repro without the reissue price, MIM. 21 fret, 7 1/4" radius, 5 hole guard, three barrel (brass) saddles and repro '50s pickups. Old school Fender logo. I hope to have it in a week or so, and I'll post my own photos.

I just wanted to post about it because I'm mildly excited about it. OK, I'm really excited. I missed out on a Baja, and aside from the missing Grease Bucket circuit, and a U neck instead of a V, this is the same thing.


I tried to approximate a '50s Tele with my Standard Tele, but didn't want to buy a '50s neck.

So, I'll have a '50ish Tele, and a '50ish Tele with a '70ish neck.

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