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Freddy G

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Mar 18, 2007
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So....just finished wiring up my new pedalboard version. I have a 14 pin Amphenol connector and a loom. One single patch....BOOM...carries everything to and from the pedalboard.


The loom (the cable going from pedals to amps) carries the 7 cable method to my stereo amps. So that's signal going to amp 1, sent back to the p/board from amp 1 FX loop send, and then after processing the final signal sent back to amp 1 FX loop return. Duplicate the patch setup for amp 2 and we are now at 6 signal paths going back and forth. Also included in the loom is midi, channel switching for the dual channel amp, and DC voltage to power the pedals.

I used tech flex expandable nylon sleeving for the loom and all tails. Isn't that slick? :fingersx:




So there's my new rig! Everything works fine, buzzes or hums. :thumb:

And now for the trouble. The cable that I used for signal was a 20' piece of 8 channel audio snake I had. I didn't know the capacitance spec for the cable and I knew I was taking a chance....but all I had to loose was some solder and some bench time.

Sure enough, the cumulative capacitance is too high for my liking....the high end sparkle is gone....a dullish sound.

I'm going to redo the loom with the lowest capacitance cable I know of that works beautifully for guitar signal. Belden 8218.... 20pf/meter! That's almost 3 times lower than the lowest capacitance guitar cable commercially available!

Now, this cable is not normally marketed for guitar because of two major no-go factors that would disqualify it for the casual consumer.

1- it's kind of stiff...not that bad really, but not like a real soft memory-less cord.
2- the center conductor's insulation is not wrapped in a dielectric material. That means it is susceptible to handling noise.

So...for my application, neither of those attributes will make any difference. I won't be using it as my lead from the guitar to the stiffness or handling noise is not an issue.

I might just buy a reel of the cable. 500 feet. Obviously I won't be using it all....just 120 feet.
This stuff is excellent for pedalboard wiring. aside from the super low capacitance, it also has a very small diameter (0.150")

How about a poll? Here's the question....would anyone be interested in some? I would sell off lengths of it...or I would even build patch cables for you for a reasonable cost.

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