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Apr 16, 2010
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Hi guys, awesome new pedals! I have been going the UAD Apollo platform as of late. I am super impressed with the Amp sims and pedal sims. Sorry I haven't been around lately but as they say better late than never :)
Yeah those are great! Lots of fun to be had. I did this a while back using only stock plugins from my UAD Arrow…


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Jan 8, 2008
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I do not come here all that much. When I think about clicking on the icon, I ask myself, “do I really want to look at stupid adds”. My answer is, “no”. I then head off to a different forum. It is not as cool, but I do not have to look at adds. That is just me.

Today, I decided to jump back here and see what has been up. I do agree the that the 3leaf is one of the best envelope filters. I have the wonderlove. It works well for dead stuff, or in that area. After all the env filters I have tried, the EHX one, (the old one, the name is alluding me right now), is pretty soild for what I do. I use my env filter differently then Jerry.

I definitely have new pedals. The one that I am really digging right now is the Boss Angry Charlie. I like to stack a fuzz, with a clean tone, where the fuzz becomes, really well mixed. Try to avoid that, too much fuzz and no clean. I also want the fuzz to be organically noticeable. The fuzz has to sit just right.

I am now in a search for an excellent stereo analog chorus. I want to be able to have enough options to get it to sound funky and super rich, but to blend in. Like something, you completely notice but yet you do not notice at all. I can program some good patches in Zoia, but I want a dedicated pedal. I want it to be like the trichorus (in Eventide H9), and like an old EHX chorus combined that I can push into almost vibrato and still have a parallel slower swish going... IDK I am probably crazy. Also tempo control would be cool.

Alway good to read what you guys write. Peace out


Feb 22, 2009
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I've bought 32 pedals in the last 12 months (today being the day the local govt sent us all home 1 year ago).

I hadn't bought a pedal or any other guitar related thing in the 10 years before that.

I also bought 3 guitars and an amp.

I need help.
I wanna hang out at your place. :cool2:

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