Pay Me Double For My Ugly Customized LP Studio

Uncle Vinnie

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Jul 2, 2017
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If you can get $800 Can for any used Studio take it. Not that used though, let's be realistic.

They usually sit forever at that price around me.
Asking prices around my neck of the woods is around $650 with no takers. I've seen them in local pawn shops for $650 which means they'll come down to $500 to get it out the door.



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May 19, 2010
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You have so many flippers involved now that one shouldn't be surprised at anythingone sees.....
Many flippers know just enough to be dangerous so to speak....
Really dicks up the popcorn munchers' idea of value....
I know one guy that buys shit I would burn because fuel for a wood chipper would cost money and it ain't worth it...
He'll spruce it up and sell it to some ignorant muncher that knows nuttin about guitars....

Like a one man pawn shop....and about as knowledgeable about guitars as the average pawn shop employee...

Damn flippers...always flippin' it up..... like bots.... Wait.... Flipper....Bot......X....... Ahah!
Damn flippers and "collectors" who don't collect have grossly inflated the cost and fucked up a lot of things - everything from baseball cards and comic books to real estate.

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