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Jul 8, 2018
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Okay, i know, not your top of the line amps just an old nineties korean build Park g25r. But hey, best deal ever as i got it for free. Don't have it home yet, still at work. This afternoon i spend some time cleaning out the mess it was in. Wasted most of It's time in a shed or attic, smells horrible with about a cm of dust in it and at a point it must have been a spider hotel. Got out the dust, Just not the stink....
Now the question, oh yes the amp works btw just not really tried it out yet, this amp has what seems to be a speaker made for it 10". But i think it could house a 12" too....
Would you recoment doing an upgrade to a 12" or keep the 10" as it is made for the amp?
Any other things i could do to improve it, anything i could do to get the smell out! :laugh2:

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