Paging Dr. Freud: Got a Superego Today...


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Nov 5, 2010
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There was a sale here in Tokyo, so I grabbed one.

It's big fun. I've been playing around with it for a little while and it works as advertised. The freeze effect is interesting and relatively tweakable. The momentary/latch alternation is easy to figure out and there seem to be all sorts of odd things possible with the auto function. I tried turning the dry right down and messing around with the gliss knob for some really crazy sounds. I suspect there's a lot in it.

The pedal has a send/return effects loop, but I just stuck it at the end of my chain before the looper and it is straightforward and logical to use.

One little trick I discovered almost immediately is to set the speed knob to about 12 o'clock and put it on the momentary setting. Then, when playing rhythm, you hit the switch and hold a moment after the first chord. Strum your rhythm pattern as normal and you get a cool, shimmery drone chord effect underneath. Then, release and hold again seconds after changing chords. With a (very) little practice, it's a subtle but fun sound, like there's a keyboard playing along with you.

It's not a pedal I really feel I can review per se, as there's so much that it's capable of that I don't know about. If I mess around with it for a few months, I'll get a better idea of its capabilities, but, for now, I'm glad I grabbed one. I tossed up between this and the Freeze, but decided that the extra capabilities couldn't hurt.

For a couple of hundred bucks, there are probably many more practical things to get for a board, but this is pretty cool and, if you're into things like live looping, it would seem to have massive potential. I imagine it would be possible to build up some amazing soundscapes - especially as I also have a POG2 on the board.

Anyone else out there have and use one of these? Do you have any tips or tricks I can try out? :wave:

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