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Mar 19, 2009
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Hello everyone

Not sure what sub-forum to stick this is in so backstage it is.

I have to design a PA system. I am a student asking for advice. If you consider me 'lazy' or what not then sorry; I am in fact trying.

In simple terms the requirement is a modular system which will cover a single gig up to 6 kW; but which could also cover 4 simultaneous 1kW events if need be (mostly rock/heavy and acoustic gigs).

The large system:
- Needs to have both FOH and separate stage monitoring consoles [so will need a splitter box or separate splitter unit for the monitor console?]
- Needs to facilitate a 6-way monitor mix. 2 side fills are also needed

The small systems:
- At least two monitor mixes from FOH with a minimum of one provision for effects

All systems:
- Necessary sound processors [dynamics. Effects] for all FOH and monitoring requirements
- A good range of microphones and stands, able to handle various instruments/reinforcement
- Cables and accessories

Obviously it makes sense to be able to re-use as much equipment from the big system for the smaller systems (e.g. the monitoring desk as a FOH desk for a smaller system).

The total ‘budget’ is £75,000.

I can work out microphones; cables; accessories and probably the four desks too. I am struggling with amplifier and speaker choices (I understand impedance matching/basic principles) i.e. how many speakers an amplifier can be expected to power and how many speakers to go for. Initially I was thinking about a line array which could be broken down but I have ruled this out now because of dispersion angles?

I would appreciate any help/guidance you can spare me!



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May 23, 2008
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Here in the US I use Carvin gear for PA needs, they have scalable setups that will cover everything that you are needing to do.

Not sure if they ship internationally but that would be a great place to get ideas from. is their website.

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