Out of Phase with Gibson Quick Connect


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Oct 29, 2012
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I've got a LP Gold Top that's kind of been my pallet for mods and hot rodding for the past few years. After frequently swapping pickups in it, I got the idea to get a Gibson Quick Connect harness, thinking that would make swaps easier. I got some after-market adapters so I could use the quick connect functionality with some Seymour Duncan pickups. The Quick Connect has push-pulls for the volume pots that coil split when pulled. I got it all hooked up and it works great and sounds pretty good. However.... while I use the coil-split sound on the neck pickup a reasonable amount, I almost never use the coil-split on the bridge pickup. That got me thinking - since I have the quick connect adapter extensions, is it possible to change around the wiring such that the bridge push-pull, instead of splitting the coils, puts the bridge out of phase with the neck. I think I would get much more use out of that tone, just not sure how to rework the wiring on the quick connect adapter to do so (or if it's even possible).

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Apr 16, 2012
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The split scenario for splits is a very simple lug mechanism....1 connection that either has no connectivity (to ground) for series and does have connectivity for split.
OOP requires 6 lugs and an on/on sceario where the centre 2 are connected to either of the outer 2 respectively. If you cannot see 6 lugs on your pots (separate to the pot function ones) then you cannot do OOP with it.

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