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Apr 7, 2008
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Updated with video:

So I recently got the chance to buy a couple of these at a reasonable price from a guy that help develop a few of the other OTPG parts and who I purchased a set of PAFs from previously.

Firstly they really look the part. I mean, I'm not a stone cold expert but next to a PAF I really think I'd struggle. They even smell the same.

More importantly, the sound. Well, I've only had them a couple of days and have probs about 4 or 5 hours playing on them, A-B comparing to the originals. In short, damn bloody close. Any differences are so small that I really think it's down to slight differences in wind or perhaps different magnets as I don't know for sure what's in the old pickups. But they have all the same characteristics in terms of fast response, responsiveness and extreme clarity. The bridge pickups are nigh on a dead match, almost uncanny. The PAF has slightly more of a saxaphone sound on the wound strings, but the OTPG gets it too and I haven't heard another repro I've tried do that (although all have been very good pickups in their own right). The top end bite and mids are nigh on identical.

At first I thought there was a much bigger difference in the neck pickups, but dialing in the heights more similarly that's narrowed a lot. Set at the same height and same polepiece heights also, the differences I was hearing at first have pretty much disappeared. The original (and the neck is actually an early PAT in my original set, likely short mag then and it has purple wire) is just a touch cleaner and snappier in the lower end. That could be the short magnet, or the guitars (I'm comparing in two very similar replicas built by the same builder); the one I have the OTPG in has a slightly bigger low end accoustically. But again, the character is all there.

I'm impressed. There's a lot of good pickups out there but these certainly aren't all hype. If I purchased them as a set of PAFs - and I bet some have! - I wouldn't be disappointed.

OTPG output: Neck 7.7, bridge, 7.9

Vintage Set: PAT neck 7.9, PAF bridge 7.7

Will try and update with further thoughts and a comparison vid in a few days.

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May 31, 2007
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Which guitar did you put them in?

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