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Feb 24, 2020
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I thought it would be an idea to have an own section for instruments other than guitars. I'm sure there are people here who play more than one instrument, where the second isn't bass, right? I know we have several closet drummers on board, for example. Sure, there are dedicated forums for almost everything out there (we're on one of them), but since this is such a nice place to be to begin with, why not have a place to loosely discuss what other instruments we might enjoy playing? We all know that if a thread like that is created in the backstage or one of the other more active sections, it will drown in a matter of minutes and end up far back with few, if any replies. That's no fun.

What say ye, yay or nay?

And yes, I realize there's the GearTalk forum, but I for one am not planning to join yet another forum. Comfortable here, thank you.

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