Orville by Gibson Firebird construction differences


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Oct 9, 2022
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I absolutely love mine, and I’m surprised, because my Orville by Gibson Firebird V pleases me as much as my hot “stank” Gibsons, a VOS 59 Les Paul, a Murphy Lab 60s Les Paul, and a 335 63 RI from Wildwood. I’m a player, not a collector. I want only a few guitars to maintain. If I don’t absolutely love them, I don’t want them, but I am willing to pay for that special one and be done with the search. That FB gets as much play as my others. I often even play it on the gig a over my other Gibsons – but that’s mainly due to it being the more appropriate tool for the style of music; because it has more the spank of a strat. However, if it wasn’t great, I would not play it.

But…I’ve always wondering what I’m missing. I’ve never played another Firebird. What am I missing?
  • Mine was neck heavy before I put a strap button behind the neck and switched the tuners to Steinbergers. That made all the difference to me not wanting to play it to loving it. It’s now perfectly balanced. It’s a light guitar as well, so it is very comfortable, which is a requirement.
  • Mine still has those unpopular ceramic pickups, but I’m reluctant to switch out (another thing that’s unlike me). They sound great. I’ve gotten so many compliments on that guitar’s sound. I guess I have them set at the right height, plus I use the tone knob to tame any bridge pickup highs. I get great tones from it. I might one day for the hell of it. Hate to tweak what’s not broke though, cause I really just need to play
Any other differences?

Construction wise, is the neck the same wood and construction as the Gibsons?

Mine is the brown or Vintage sunburst. It looks beautiful like the real thing. It's like it's ultra light aged (from its previous owner). Looks wise it is dead on a Gibson FB.


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Oct 29, 2007
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Wanted to say thanks for posting about how you corrected the "neck dive" on this thing. I have one and don't want to play it for that very reason. I'll be switching to the Steinbergers and relocating the strap button very soon.

The ObG guitars are comparable to their US counterparts and I'm going to guess it's probably very similar in construction to US. I play the Orvilles because they're great for the price and I gig them without worry if something goes south. I've had neck breaks from drunkards in bars knocking my stuff over, etc.

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