Opinions on Peavey Classic 20 Mini-Head?


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Jul 28, 2013
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I'm looking for an affordable amp head that does Fender-style cleans. Fender doesn't make one, so I'm looking at other brands. The Peavey Classic 20 Mini-Head looks promising. Anyone tried one of these? What did you think?


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May 29, 2015
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I bought one in January only because Cosmo Music in Canada had them on sale for $400 ($312 US) I've used it with headphones, and the cab sim is very good, to my ear. I have an H&K 112 with a Celestion Vintage 30, but I'm in an apartment so I haven't heard it cranked. Even 1W into the 12" is loud. I don't know if the pre & post gain knobs are a useful feature for you, but the boost channel gets really dirty. I switch back and forth between scooped mids and full on, and I like both sounds, but I stay in the clean channel and add gain and/or grit to that. Digital reverb is ok, but I have lots of reverb options.

It has one foot switch, but you'll need another if you want to control reverb/loop AND boost/channel (or build a four switch, dual TRS contraption.)

Lots of bang for the buck and the tweed Tolex is nice, too.


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Nov 11, 2017
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Yes I really like the c20 head and I use it with the orange ppc 112 cabs. I haven't used all the features but it's a versatile little amp. I use the ep booster to push the clean channel sometimes so it's almost like have 2 channels for clean. On the dirty side I use an inexpensive behringer eq so I can take the overdrive into a very heavy old school metal sound by strangling the mids. 4 channel head for me.

There is something on the drive channel that reminds me of early acdc crunch, maybe its my imagination. I like it a lot along with most Peavy products though except the 6505. Give it a shot from a company with a good return policy.


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Jan 5, 2010
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Spent about an hour with one at a local shop. I really liked the tones from it. I did not think practice amp though even at the low watt setting. It needed to be opened up to sound its best.

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