On hold deal pending: 2018 Gibson Aged Ebony 1957 reissue Les Paul. Historic R7 custom shop


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Sep 7, 2011
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For sale is my 2018 Gibson 1957 reissue in the rare "ebony" color. The guitar is aged by the gibson factory and looks great. There are very few ebony 57 reissues that were made and even fewer that are aged. The patina of this guitar is fantastic and the creme plastics (and binding) have a very vintage aged look.

The guitar is stock. Loaded with custom buckers and lifton case. All the case candy. Weight is right at 9.0 lbs. Neck is as you'd expect a 57 reissue to be: very full..but not as full as some older R7's I've played. Only reason I'm selling is because I happened upon a "replica" that was too good to turn down. One in...one out. Some of the pictures are from the dealer when I bought it. Guitar looks exactly the same as when it came from the dealer. (BTW..the rosewood board is NOT as light as it appears in the dealer photo's. My photo of neck is more what it looks like.) Also note: the serial number on the gibson "Checklist" is not the same as the guitar and the cert. It looks like they just made a mistake and instead of 8783 they put 8787. No biggie but making sure I point it out. Cert and serial number match.

$3750 shipped and paypal'd. Not interested in trades.

More pics here:
http://members.goldengate.net/jgermann/For sale/R7/


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