OK how I got some of my guitars.

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Oct 28, 2010
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Thus endeth yet another most curious thread! :thumb:

Goober, I hardly knew ye. Or at least, I hardly knew ye as Goober... :laugh2:

I see that you are feeling victimized. Honestly, I'm surprised that you don't detect your own hand's role in the inane debacle this thread ultimately became.

Or maybe I'm not surprised? I dunno... all I can say for sure is that what you're selling, the other members ain't buying.


For the sake of this post, I will assume that you are indeed just Goober-- a Southern fella in the earliest years of middle age.

Of course, I've checked your IP and so I know where the server that sent your messages off to an Internet router is located-- and I see that it is indeed in a state that is well south of the Mason-Dixon Line. But there's no way for me to know for sure whether you're coming at us through a proxy service or whatever.

But let's just figure that you're Goober-- and not a recently-banned former member of this site who was likewise a major fan of the Andy Griffith Show, and told us so in a thread he did about six or seven years ago...


So, Goober:

Even after discarding the whole idea of you being a sock puppet, I noted that there were plenty of other things that sent the piranhas of MLP a-swarmin'... and these were things that we began to see right on Page 1.

You took kind of a passive-aggressive tone with the other members almost immediately. For example, two posts after your OP, we found MLP member matthew bear saying:

Getting cool stuff from family is awesome. I
Know my parents went ham on drum stuff when I was a teen... my set was getting into Neil Peart territory :laugh2:

Then came your response, which was to say:

Yes I know. Like I said some of my gear came from them.

That came off as a bit brusque... it was almost as if you spoke dismissively to MB, even though he came in with a rather cordial and agreeable response to your OP.

I shrugged. We're not all graceful ballerinas when found in textual form. For all I knew, that was your idea of a stately reply or something.

Then came another member who said:

Cool. Glad you were able to start to build a collection.

Nice. The guy is wishing you well.

And what did you have to say in response? It was this:

First of all It is not building a collection.

So there you were: splitting hairs over the definition of the word "collection" and seeming to take exception to the idea that somebody referred to your heap of guitars as a collection.

I thought your response was kind of churlish, even if LP121 made me laugh my ass off with that tight-ass, snarky reply of his. :laugh2:

Of course, by then I had come to regard you as being a very interesting new member-- but you were interesting in all the wrong ways. :squint:

Then came Post #12, with you complaining that people think it's weird that your family gives you musical instruments as gifts. More than one member came forth after that to assure you that they didn't see anything strange about that at all... but there you were, still carrying on as though you were being persecuted by "lots of people" for some crap that nobody in his right mind would care about to begin with.

Seriously: nobody here cares one way or another where you got your guitars from.

Why would we? :dunno:

But despite assurances to this effect-- all of which you completely ignored, I noticed-- you carried on as you did.

Eventually, I realized that your thread seemed to serve as a pulpit from which to express your irritation that some unknown person or persons had negative thoughts concerning the origins of your musical instruments.

The ironic thing is that nobody here said any such thing to you... and yet, you carried on to that effect for a couple more posts after that.

And now here you are again, in your "final post", and you're still acting as though somebody out here was dissing you because your parents bought you a guitar or something.

But dude: nobody cares!

This sort of premanufactured victimhood never did fly well on MLP. It comes off as being obnoxious to those who haven't said the first negative thing to you.

I think that you need to find a site full of genuine oppressors who will be openly scornful of where your guitars came from. You'll be much, much happier among such persons, I'm sure.

At least there, your victim mentality will be justified.

Best luck to you in your quest!

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