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Mar 19, 2008
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Having a love/hate relationship with pedals in general, I make it a point to get the most I can with the least amount on my board. My ideal setup would be no pedals but I understand they do provide solutions and certain sounds that aren't obtainable otherwise. I go between a Fender Twin Reverb and a Marshall 100-watt Silver Jubilee depending on the band or music. With the Marshall stack, I have zero use for drive pedals but I do run a delay and reverb into the effects loop. With the Twin, overdrive pedals are pretty necessary for dirt. For a few years I had an Xotic RC booster(V2) model and a Wampler Paisley Drive. Never really was able to dial in the Paisley Drive to my liking, I found it also didn't pair well with other drive pedals. The RC booster was actually one of the best boost/overdrives I ever played. It just made everything sound better. The only reason I eventually ditched it was that it had two buttons rather close to each other, so in a live scenario it wasn't very practical for me. I decided on the Wampler Belle to replace the Paisley Drive and the BB Preamp to replace the RC Booster.

Wampler Belle: Exactly what I was after. Very organic/transparent overdrive. I only use this pedal on the Twin Reverb for a slightly pushed sound and it delivers that completely. Controls are wicked responsive and sound great with a Les Paul or Tele. I haven't found a bad setting on it yet. It also pairs well with my OCD or BB Preamp.

BB Preamp: I bought this pedal to serve as a dedicated solo boost. So far, I am still dialing it in and even considering putting it in the effects loop of the Marshall for that purpose. I can now see why this pedal has been around for so long.

One thing both these pedals have in common is their dynamic range. I am able to still use the volume and tone knobs on my Les Paul in the same way I would without pedals. Overall, I am relieved that I can stop worrying about my board. The problems are solved and the tones are there, just need to stop being late to band practice now lol.


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